About Us


Asa organics was founded in 2014 as a home based business which advocates for the use of natural skincare and haircare products as part of one’s health and wellness journey. We have since grown to become one of the largest online suppliers of natural ingredients and essential oils in Nigeria with an unending inclusion of ingredients.

Our Growth Is Attributed To Our Strong Focus & Principles

We Source The Finest Quality Ingredients And Supplies From Ethical Producers Around The World. We Sell Our Products At Market Friendly Prices. We Focus On Quality Over Price. We Practice A Culture Where The Customer Is King. We Appreciate Every Customer, Large And Small And Do Our Best To Service Them. These Beliefs Have Allowed Us To Achieve Milestones In A Very Short Period.

Our Vision

To make natural products available, accessible and affordable for use.

Our Mission

To make natural personal care products the mainstream alternative, over chemical laden products.


Loving my skin this morning. No makeup on, save the lipstick (left picture). Full makeup some months back (right picture). Asa Organic skin care at work!


Your acne oil without doubt has produced fantastic results. You have no idea how many times I have tried different products without success. Your Asa Organics Acne Oil was just the perfect Solution. Thanks Asa, here is a picture of me after I used Asa Organics.

Praise Flower